Tips To Dress Special In The Winter

Winter is the best season of all for most people. Mostly because it is cozy and cold and it is very inviting. But with all the new fashion items being available it is quite difficult to dress to impress in the winter. Because whatever you wear you have to wear the jacket and cover it up. But there are several ways you can still look quite special in the winter too. And it is not impossible to make a fashion statement wherever you go. Here are few tips to dress special in the winter.
Have your own style
Sometimes it is better if you have your own style. More like custom made items. You can have custom Ugg boots, hand bags and even clothing items. If you are good at design and sewing, making your own clothes is not that hard. Even if you are not very good at sewing, you can still buy clothes and add a special touch to them to make them look custom made. For example Lon sleeve T-shirts are a popular item in winter and these come in bulk in the department store. You can buy few of the plain t-shirts and paint something on them, or attach a brooch or a piece of lace to them and make them look different. Also you can do the same with scarves, you can get couple of scarves and put them together and make a new and modern looking one. There are many ideas on how to customize your clothing on you tube and pinterest.

Don’t buy a lot but buy the correct items
When it comes to dressing, it is often the belief that you have to own a massive number of clothing items in order to look special. But this is not the case. If you can create several looks from the same clothing item you can still look special and new without having to spend too much. For example you can buy one really good pair of black jeans and wear that with several colors of t-shirts and you can get custom Ugg boots. Also you can buy couple of accessories in matte gold and silver which will go with any outfit. This way you can look nice but you don’t have to spend too much to do it.
Layer up
If you think you have buy whole new set of winter cloths to look good you are wrong. You can still use your summer fashions as layers to beat the cold and look good. For example if you like wearing dresses, you can wear tights underneath and wear the dress with a scarf and a cardigan for the cold. This way if you are in a place well heated you can remove your layers and flaunt your dress.