Many Types Of Gowns For Academic Occasions

The last day of graduation is one of the brightest days in our life. It is a nostalgic yet one of the most memorable days in our life. Students step out of the academic shell to start a new life with lots of hope to unveil the unknown future. The academic life demands discipline, be it with studies, assignments or uniforms. The last day needs lots of confidence, to feel good and of course to look good.

Universities of Australia ensure a gateway towards the bright careers for their students and the last day of graduation holds a moment of special importance in every scholar’s life. Most of the Australian universities set a particular standard for academic gowns to be worn on that special day.

Different gowns for different academic occasions

The academic gowns worn by master scholars have a different design altogether. The sleeves are longer with opening ending at the wrist. It is a full-sleeved gown and suits almost every one. The lengths of these gowns are till mid calf.

The PhD scholars wear a distinct looking gown with colored panels usually yellow, blue or red, in the front neckline and goes through the entire length in the front slits on the both sides. These color panels, varies greatly based on the institution’s code. The sleeves are long and oblong just like the master gowns and have the opening ending at the wrist covering the entire arm length. The sleeves are closed and hang till the full length.

The Doctoral Gowns are almost similar to that of master’s gowns. There is a color patching as that of a PhD gown, to maintain the proper positioning, the front part should be fitted or pinned at shoulder. The front are of various size, they are available in small, large and medium as well as could be customized for extra smaller or larger sizes. Caps are also worn with gowns and they can be easily selected while choosing the gown. Once the big graduation day arrives, the perfect gown could be shopped or rented. Any Australian supplier committed to serve you with ease of service.

When we talk about gowns, it dates back to the style of Cambridge and Oxford universities. They are of various lengths and fittings and depend on the graduate’s specialization qualification, based on which, it is selected. The short and the bat winged sleeves are worn by diploma and certificate students. The size of the gown depends on the height of the student and it is usually mid calf in length. The sleeves are open and the gown has black ribbon which is tied at the front. The gown will fit better if the ribbons are tied in a bow after wearing the gown.