How To Revamp Your Wardrobe On A Budget?

We all love to dress stylishly and look fashionable. But most of us believe this is a wearisome task given the high prices we have to pay for fashion. Branded clothing can be very expensive. Not to despair, anyone could give their wardrobe a new look if you use some helpful fashion savvy tips.

The trick is to get the most use of what you already have. We all have clothes that we buy on a whim and wear a couple of times only to forget about it. Then there are the old favourites that we wear constantly. It is easy to transform what you have into something new and stylish. If you take tops, for instance, you can easily change its look by replacing the original buttons with new ones. Cashmere tops can be quite expensive. They have a tendency to become baggy once they’re at the end of their life. But you can easily give new life to it by sniping off the bobbles on the top with a pair of nail scissors and hand washing them.

You can also try sales and offers online. For example, some retailers offer cheap Chanel bags. It looks just as good as the real thing and you will be saving a lot of money. You can use it as an accessory for many outfits as well. You can add a new look for your blouses by adding some ribbons, rosettes or edging. If the collars are looking a bit worn, you can unpick the stitching, turn the collar inside out and re-stitch it to give it a brand new look.

We all love to buy new shoes. Shoes can be just as expensive, if not more as clothes. You can either browse the web for offers or discounts. You can visit a Louis Vuitton sale and browse. There are second hand shops as well that offer barely used branded designer wear. These can be great finds. When it comes to what you already own, one problem that you face is loose trousers or skirts. You can tighten them by removing the pocket bags and stitching together the sides.

You can completely transform an old pair of trousers by shortening them. You can add a turn up to do this. You can also make worn jeans into trendy denim shorts. If a skirt seems too short for you, you can lengthen it by stitching a bit of lace to the hem. A longer skirt can be cut and re-stitched into a pencil skirt or swing skirt. If your dress doesn’t have good cleavage support you can stitch a bra onto the inside. You can also transform an old dress into a skirt.