Be Santa To Your Family

In countries and cultures where the extended family plays a big role, you inevitably find that going on a trip abroad is not as fun as one would think. Why? This is because you are obliged to load up on presents for your loved ones back home. Woe betides the intrepid traveller who dares come back without chocolates for his/her nana and her grandkids; you will be given the freeze for weeks. But most travellers these days do not take luggage with them where a rucksack will suffice, so bringing back gifts aren’t exactly the first order of the day. Here are some suggestions for relatively easy presents you can get the folks back home.

Novelty Souvenirs

There’s much to be said about cultural appropriation, but the one time it is acceptable to wear an “I Love ¬¬¬¬____” T shirt is when you have either visited a place or been given one by someone who did. Imagine that you went to the Far East and you really want to bring something nice home. But then you find that there is absolutely no room to take anything with you. The easiest thing to do is buy Hong Kong gifts online. There are plenty of sites that will deliver overseas and you can pick and choose at your leisure. Remember that some products may be faulty or of low-quality; try to shop at reputable and licensed websites that will provide a small guarantee for their products.

Cheat Codes

Then there are the moments when you have already landed on home turf and you realize that you need to buy presents for those (probably) holding up a banner at the gate. Do not panic. Simply walk over to the duty free section and buy as many branded sweets as you can. If you remember this before you’ve already left – say, Hong Kong – then you can buy gifts from Hong Kong at their duty free stores. Since prices will be lower for the branded stuff anyway you could probably stock up on more goodies than back outside, so feel free to indulge for yourself as well. The trick here is to only buy things that are well-known and international so that family and friends feel that they’ve made the trip over too.

Sweet Nothings to Eat

No one refuses chocolate. No one ever does. Even if they have an allergy, they will accept the Choco and give it to someone at home. There are hundreds of different kinds of chocolate out there and if you are going for the non-branded, multitudinous route then you should get the packs of flavoured and fun chocolates that usually hold about 50 pieces per packet. Mentally calculate roughly how many people would like a chocolate back home and then buy enough to cover 20 people more. You can open the outer packing and let out all the air so that they pack into your rucksack easily. Once you get home, you can either open the packets or re-distribute them into smaller baggies, or you can take the packet to work or something and let them handle the sharing.