4 Things Every Groom Should Know

Are you a groom to be, who is confused to the core? Are you afraid of missing out on something important? Brother to brother, let me list out to you some life saving and of course marriage saving tips that each and every one of us, grooms to be, should know! Read below to find out!

A wedding is all about glamour. The only thing that differs is the level of glamour every bride expects. Assuming that you know your bride best, you will be able to decide on how glamorous the wedding should be. Every tiny detail from the flowers to the chairs to the food, matters. You should show concern for every little thing and take care of every teeny weeny detail. Even if your bride says let’s keep it simple, do keep in mind that a woman’s simple is usually not very simple in the male dictionary. So don’t try to do things in the simplest way possible, take time and plan every detail which will definitely keep your lady happy.

Most of us “bros” forget to keep our ladies in love, once the wedding comes closer. We get so held up with planning the finances and getting things done for the wedding whilst simultaneously managing office work and that rude superior of ours who doesn’t want to give us time off from work. Naturally we don’t spend time with our wife to be and she comes up with the conflicting idea of you not wanting her anymore or ignoring her. So guys, beware! Up your game, with a little surprise now and again. You could take out on a romantic dinner or surprise her with some gift like a memory review of all your past dates. The idea is to surprise her and make her happy. You could also take her to your wedding tailor made shirt https://narry.com/shirts/ and get her ideas on how she wants you to be dressed. That is bound to make your lady very happy!

Perfection is sought by almost all of us. And having the perfect wedding is something that all women dream of. They need their wedding to be perfect. So be sure to have your wedding suit done by a bespoke tailor, who will be able to give you that unique and perfect look on your Big Day. You should also make sure that you are wearing according to a theme, most of the time set by the bride. Also keep in mind that whatever you plan to wear or do should be in perfect sync with the wedding theme and is something your bride will like. You don’t want her to be on the angry side, on your first day as husband and wife!

And finally the most important thing is to consult her every step of the way. You have to always ask her opinion “everything”. If not will cause major conflicts between you two. Even though the wedding is for both you, women tend to take the lead role when planning the wedding because it is much more important to them than us. We, as men tend to be happy with almost anything when it comes to materials. But women are harder to satisfy. And tend to need every little thing to be perfect. So make sure that when you are making any decision in regards to the wedding consult her!